Custom Furniture

Colorado Custom Remodels’ custom furniture is handmade and inspired by your demand.  You pick something out and we build it the way you want it.  Furniture includes anything that you can imagine, from patio furniture to spruce up your back yard or front porch, to a bookshelf bench in your breakfast nook.  We can take a picture that you find online and duplicate and elaborate.  We match your existing Crown and trim to fit the decor in your home, paint or stain it to match, and make it look like it was built just for your home, which it is.  We let you decide the quality of wood used from our selected recommendations, so price can be at the level you want it to be.  We usually work with wood and have built several varieties of furniture including porch swings, outdoor Adirondack chairs and benches, tables, book shelves, breakfast nook benches, entertainment centers, TV stands, or anything else you think of. We love the creativiry that goes into building things from scratch and can duplicate pretty much anything from a picture.  And because its custom, we can shrink anyting 3/4 sized for childrens pieces.  We can also repair your existing furniture, from sanding and restaining to replacing parts. 

In most cases, we ask our clients to download the app Houzz and find a picture of furniture or fixtures that they like and send it to us and let us mimic the style and customize it for their house.  We are very talented when it comes to working with wood and making every day room or patio look like Aspen’s million dollar home style home.

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