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Clay Shipp- Colorado Custom Remodels

Clay Shipp- Colorado Custom Remodels

image1   Clay Shipp is a licensed Arvada Jefferson County Remodeling Contractor and the owner of Colorado Custom Remodels. We offer premier construction capabilities for residential projects in your area.

Decks Patios Pergolas. Colorado Custom Remodels can add some square footage to your house that you don’t have to clean weekly by building or replacing your decks patios pergolas.   Enjoy the outdoors in you own back yard while getting fresh air and working on your tan.  Or add a roof over your existing deck to block the sun from places that get too hot to go outside mid-day.  Adding shade from sun or weather can increase the usage time of your existing deck and save the wood from exposure to the elements.  Our construction pros will help with recommendations based upon your deck location, sun exposure and what will look best with your style of home and existing outdoor environment. We will take the time to explain the pros and cons of each as well as provide cost estimates so that you can make an informed decision.  People living in Colorado, where we have more sun per year than San Diego, deserve to enjoy the outdoors.  We can also replace your old wood with Trek which is a plastic/wood composite that needs little to no upkeep.  It comes in all colors and needs no staining or repainting while looking elegant and classy.

In most cases, we ask our clients to download the app Houzz and find a picture of a decks or backyards that they like and send it to us and let us mimic the style and customize it for their house.  We are very talented when it comes to making every day yard look like Aspen’s million dollar home style yard.

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  1. These decks look great. Summer is coming and I would love to have a spot to entertain my friends during those lovely Denver nights.

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