Kitchen Remodels

The number one thing we do to kitchens is remove walls between the kitchen and the living areas.  If we spend the time making your kitchen a place to be proud of, why not let everyone see it when they enter your home?  Plus, people congregate to the kitchen, so opening up your kitchen opens up your whole hosting area.  Turn that wall into a serving counter-top to place hors d’oeuvres for guests or a breakfast nook.  Update your cabinets and add a back-splash to compliment or add color to the overall decor.  Simple changes go a long way.  Stone or tile counter tops are the game changer in kitchens, laminate is outdated and easily frays on the edges.

In most cases, we ask our clients to download the app Houzz and find a picture of a kitchen that they like and send it to us and let us mimic the style and customize it for their house.  We are very talented when it comes to making every day kitchens look like Aspen’s million dollar home style kitchens.

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